Simshine® SimCam 1S is an indoor security camera with a ‘hacker-proof’mode

Simshine® SimCam 1S is an indoor security camera with a ‘hacker-proof’mode

Patrick Hearn

January 17, 2020

Indoor security cameras are an essential part of a strong security system, but recent security breaches have made many people uneasy with the idea of having an always-on camera in their home. The Simshine® SimCam 1S offers a potential solution: A hack-proof mode that utilizes strong encryption methods to make it far more difficult to hack than a standard security camera.

Video is processed locally rather than on the cloud and is protected with bank-grade security. While nothing is truly impossible to hack, security measures like these are aimed at making the Simshine® SimCam 1S incredibly secure.

In addition to its security features, the Simshine® SimCam 1S has a lot of interesting additions. One of the standout features is object tracking. Users can select an object within the camera’s view and receive alerts if it is removed. This is great for keeping an eye on a particularly valuable item or for watching items of interest within a room. The Simshine® SimCam 1S also has 360-degree tracking thanks to its motorized gimbal. It can pan and track activity in a room, like a pet or a person walking through.

Users can also set up activity zones within a room. This helps avoid false alerts and allows users to focus their attention on a given space. This feature makes it easy to avoid false motion alerts from things like swaying plants or shadows.

The Simshine® SimCam 1S has rolling local storage, which lets users view an entire month of activity without paying a subscription fee. Simply plug in an SD card with sufficient memory to handle a month of 1080p recording. The Simshine® SimCam 1S works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but it’s also compatible with third-party applications. Built-in geofencing makes it easy to disable recording and alerts when you come home for even more privacy.

A single Simshine® SimCam 1S is available for $130, with free shipping. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that gives users the chance to try out the security camera and find out if it is right for them. The powerful A.I. and encryption make this camera a standout option in a market full of security cameras.


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