Our mission

To bring true peace of mind and more convenience to people`s life by embedding advanced AI vision into easy-to-use cameras.

We didn't start from 0

In 2017, Simshine was started by several computer vision scientists for the development of edge computing - running AI vision locally on the devices. Before the advent of Simshine® SimCam, Simshine mainly focused on providing customized software-and-hardware solutions for enterprises. Teaming up with top-tier universities in China, engineers at Simshine took the precision and processing speed of on-device AI algorithm to a whole new level. Due to our algorithm advantage, major chip providers like Intel offer us top-level development permissions and direct support. Those efforts later gave Simshine a great edge in disrupting the smart home world.

Why we created Simshine®?

Simshine was created to tackle the long-standing problems of smart home cameras: false alarms, motion detection miss-out, latency, expensive subscription, privacy vulnerabilities ... just to name a few. Meanwhile, Simshine introduced a more proactive way for people to protect and connect with their homes. But Simshine® SimCam isn’t just for home. It is a customizable and interoperable system that can serve many uses for the developer community and business sectors.