Simshine Baby Monitor - Sleep Analytics

Simshine Baby Monitor - Sleep Analytics

Simshine' Sleep Analytics provides a comprehensive sleep report that helps you understand baby's sleep patterns and sleep habits. It detects Baby's sound and movements and automatically records sleep activities. No subscription fee to use.

Once you set up Simshine Sleep Analytics, you can get a -7-days sleep report in the SimHome App! The sleep report is generated every morning and will be available for review within 2 hours after Baby's wake up time.

Sleep Analytics can only be set up to detect one baby’s sleep patterns and sleep habits when its camera lens pointing directly down at the crib. Co-sleeping may cause the deviation of baby's sleep report data.

Simshine Sleep Report Features:

      1. 7 days sleep record
      2. Sleep Metrics : Total Sleep, Longest Sleep, Crying & Activities
      3. A day Activity Timeline:
        a. Movements

        b. Sleep/Wake up
        c. Crying

FAQ About Sleep Report

1.How to get separate sleep reports if I have multiple Simshine baby monitors?
You can get the sleep report in the each camera live stream page.

2.How long will the Sleep Analytics report be kept?
Simshine will generate the sleep report for the previous night within 2 hours after Baby's wake up time every day. It is available on the Sleep Report page and keeps 7 days report; if there's no new report, the report will only be kept for one more day in the SimHome App.

3.There is not any baby’s sleep report data in SimHome app.
Ensure the Sleep Tracking is switched on in SimHome APP.
Tap “...” upper right on the live stream page > Tap “Sleep Tracking” to switch it on, and set up “Detection Sensitivity”.

4.Baby's sleep reports are not accurate.
If you noticed the sleep reports are not accurate, it may be that your baby camera is not set up for sleep analytics to be as accurate as possible. Co-sleeping will also cause the deviation of the sleep report data.

5.Can family members see sleep report as well?
Yes, The faimly members/sub-accounts can view the sleep report in SimHome app.
* There isn’t a way to cancel the this feature permission unless the account owner switch off the Sleeping Tracking feature.

6. I no longer wish to receive Sleep Analytics reports. Is there a way to deactivate it?
Yes, you can switch off the feature by: Tap “...” upper right on the live stream page > Tap “Sleep Tracking” to switch it off.

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