Simshine Baby Monitor- Danger Zone Alert/Virtual Fence

Simshine Baby Monitor- Danger Zone Alert/Virtual Fence

Simshine Danger Zone Detection also known as Virtual Fence. It allows you to define a virtual safe motion detection zone (as long as it’s visible on your screen) and will alert you when the baby leave the safe area!

You can also use this feature to warn you when baby starts crawling out of the crib. Please note that because the Simshine AI Danger Zone alert is triggered by humans/pets/object, you may get notifications when an adult or objects is passing through the Danger Zone area.


How to set the Danger Zone in SimHome APP?

  1. Tap “...” upper right on Live Stream Screen, go to Setting page > Tap “Virtual Fencing” for setting.
  2. Tap “Tap to set fence>>”to set the danger zone.
  3. Tap 4 points on the screen to customize the Danger Zone Area. And revise it any time.
  4. After the Danger Zone has been activated, you will receive an alert if someone leaves from the Danger Zone.
  5. You may enable or disable Danger Zone in Settings: “Virtual Fence Alert”, “Comfort Time”, “Detection Sensitivity” and “Show Detection Zone” based on your needs.


Simshine AI Danger Zone Detection Notifications & Review Events.

When Simshine baby monitor detects baby leave from safe zone , will push a notification to parents unit so they can check the baby's condition. Parents will also be able to review the event videos and notifications in message.

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